Types of Lawn Material

If You Presume there is only One kind of Lawn available in Market used by All Brands-than you May Be wrong ! A quick Read on Types of Lawn will enhance your General Knowledge and will make you more aware about the Products you Love So much!

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Different Types of Lawn Fabric Thread Counts variations -  80/80 - 80/20 -  70/100 -150-200 and so on

Lawn is a thin, relatively sheer, high thread count cotton fabric that resembles fine linen.Be it any kind of Lawn the basic composition is usually cotton

Lawn is low prone to pilling or bubbling. Lawn has relatively high thread count which provides it with a silky texture. Lawn is made using combed Yarn but it can also be made with carded yarn.

Combing results in finer softer fibers but it is more expensive while cotton fibers produced by Carding are somewhat crispier and light weight,they are cheaper to produce hence used in low range Fabrics. But the breathable quality of cotton results the same. It all becomes Buyers choice How much they are Ready to shell Out..Lawn is reasonably stretchy.Mositure wicking abilities are high.Heat rentention abilities are medium

Due to the way its wooven lawn cloth is relatively light weight with sheer appearance making it popular in spring summer

Different Types of Lawn Cloth - 

1. Batiste

Lawn fabric is highly fine and sheer, batiste is even finer and commonly used for ecclesiastical purpose.

2. Voile

Similar to lawn fabric,but its more reminiscent of silk and has a higher thread count

3. Organdy This version is both thinner and more transparent than lawn cloth known for its crispiness.

4. Nainsook

Lawn cloth that uses only combed yarn is sometimes called Nainsook.Relatively ultra soft and expensive version


Cambric and batiste are essentially the same fabric but have different histories-finer than lawn

Industry is now experimenting more with Lawn Fabric with more and more varients coming in market in form of Slub Lawn,karachi cotton,cotton net etc

This article will be updated from time to time as more variety of lawn cotton will be available in Market,