Saadia Asad Scheherzade Collection is a merger of Ittehad and Saadia Asad is a gorgeous Lawn Collection. The collection has  has variety of styles from pastels to florals to bold  solid shades. Its a perfect blend of sophistication and breath taking Embroideries. Its the Perfect Outfit for the Festive Season. Its niche and Classy.The Collection has so many styles it will spoil you of choices.

Saadia Asad Ittehad Eid


Saadia Asad Lawn Collection| Ittehad|D5 Rouge Jaipur

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Saadia Asad Lawn Collection| Ittehad|D8 Arikam

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Open Pic|Saadia Asad Lawn|D 09

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Saadia Asad Eid Collection 2018| Ittehad|Izmir | D11

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