Awwal Boutique May Not Be the Gaurantor of Brands Output

Topic - Awwal Boutique may not be The Guarantor of a Brand's Output Quality but Here is What Team Awwal does for You..

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Awwal Boutique with its Hefty Experience of 12 Years displays it's best cards when it comes to Online Shopping. Awwal Boutique is India's First Website of Original Imported Pakistani Suits.
Awwal Boutique started the Trend of Delivering Imported Brands at Your Doorsteps in 2011 when Online Shopping Was unheard off.
With its Clean image and Transparent Policies Awwal Boutique soon became a household Name. 
Today when people think of Imported Orignal Pakistani Brands,even after 12 Years Awwal Boutique Still stands as the shining example.
Here is Why ?
1. Awwal Boutique is the Bridge between The Manufacturer and Buyer. We may Not be the Guarantor of Brands Final Output Quality but With Our Constant Efforts We keep Our Customers Aware and Alert.
We Choose only Popular Brands and Designers which are Famous World Wide and Don't Crowd Our Platform with uncommon Collections and Brands
2. Team Awwal discontinues any Brand or Its Collection from Our Platform if Discripency raised on atleast 10% Of Total Orders. 
Awwal Boutique also introduces Brands and It's Collection If Demand is High By Clients but only after studying it's popularity Graph by Its Buyers
3. Awwal Boutique is the Only Website Which sells with Original Open Pictures of the Fabric - With 100% In House Clicked Fabric images of our own Stock
4. Team Awwal regularly Reviews Various Collections by Pakistani Brands, hence explaining the fabric Quality,Make and Style- Regular Updates Results in Making the buyer Aware.
5. With Awwal Boutiques Regular Unboxing Review Videos Online Shoppers are able to make Smart and Right Choices 
6. Awwal Boutique also has detailed blogs on Various Types of Fabrics and other important Topics
7. Awwal Boutique is the Only Seller which encourages Buyers to Place Orders only after reading full Details and Disclaimer about the Collections.
8. Awwal Boutique Is the only website Which Lets the Buyer Schedule a Queiri Call - For all Kinds of Fashion Advice and gives Solutions to Pre Purchase Doubts and Queiries.
9. Awwal Boutique is the Only Platform which functions on Customers Feadback -- We may pull down a Brand and its Collection in case of unflattering Reviews by the Buyer or Introduce a Brand and Its Collections after Rave Reviews by The Buyer.
10. Awwal Boutique understands it's Buyers who comes from different parts and stratas of Society with Varying Needs and hence We try To Serve Every Flavour of Style - At the End Choice Is Yours - Choose your Brand Wisely - What Fabric - Brand -Make -Style Suits You. 
Peace Love and Joy
Team Awwal