Awwal Boutique does not Indulge in any kind of Artificial,Replica,Master Copy of Any Original Brand dispaly on our Website.
We deal Strictly in Original Products.
Awwal Boutique follows its Shipping Return Refund Policies to the 'T'. We are always available for customer Support, Customer Grivences and encourage customers to mail us at we believe all problems are unique and need individual attention of our Team. 
Customers are adviced to read the - Disclaimers, Shipping and Return Policies to have a Clear Picture before mailing to us.
Awwal Boutique takes full Freedom to Blacklist any Cash in Delivery Order due to Non Delivery Attempts Upto 3 Orders. In Such unfortunate Scenario we will be listing such Orders only under Prepaid. If fourth time also a Blacklisted Order is placed as Cash On Delivery,The Team has full Liberty to Cancel the Order and Request Conversion to Prepaid.
If any Website Content of Awwal Boutique is found being Duplicated, Replicated or Misused the Team has full Liberty to take Legal Actions without Notice.
The Team of Awwal Boutique is dedicated to Customer Grievances and will give full Support and Individual Attention to all Mails. The response time will be as Per the Log time of the Mail.