Think Green Initiative By Awwal Boutique

          With Every Purchase You are Giving Life to a Sapling. 
As We Prepare to Enter our 11th Year We at Awwal Boutique Feel - It's Important to be a "Brand with a Conscience". Our Founder #ayshaasaeedmir an Environmentalist has been actively involved with Green Activism. She brings forth the Same initiative on her Business Platform.
#thinkgreen initiative by #awwalboutique promotes "Shopping with a Conscience"
Under its 'Think Green' Initiative..Portion of Awwal Boutique's Profits Goes into
planting Saplings.
We also give 'Gift of Life" that is a Healthy Happy Sapling to Our Top Buyers. Planted By Our Own Earnings.
Why Think Green??
It's important to Live a Life of Conscience. We take From Nature it's Our Turn to Give Back to It. Nurture it. It will Nurture You Back. Think Green. Go Green. We at Awwal Boutique believe Everyone has a Purpose. Every Good Deed Multiples. So by involving Our Awwal Family in Our initiative We just Hope We Together Will Spread The Peace and Beauty of Nature by becoming environmentalists
"All We have to do is decide what to do with the Time that is given to Us"
Watch this Space for More..!