Weddings are most famously imagined as enormous spectacles. A glamourized return to tradition, these festivities bring together the "traditional" and "western" into the wedding experience.To make your wardrobe easy and hassle-free, we bring to you Trousseau de Luxe'20. Mushq injects its signature sophisticated lines and ultra glamourous looks, to create masterpieces that resonate with women of today, who are strong, confident, bold and experimental.
Crafted on finest whisper thin tulle and hand spun jamawar, this collection titled 𝐌𝐢𝐫𝐚𝐠𝐞 is an elegant display of soft pastels. These fabrics are thoughtfully adorned with delicate thread work, metallic tilla, naqshi, sparkling sequins, shimmery Swarovski, polished seed pearls and gemstones. The sophisticated color tones bring interest and focus on the design. Ranging from pishwaas and lehngas to saare, this collection has it all. We at Mushq are committed to creating masterpieces and going an extra mile to provide all the accessories and finishing to make stitching hassle free for you. Enjoy our eight distinctive designs and immerse yourself in Mushq's signature elegance that feeds your imagination this season.

Mushq Trousseau De Luxe 20/Wedding Edition