Republic Womenswear Luxury Lawn’21
Unfolding ‘Selene’ the Greek goddess of Moon. Drawing inspiration from the luminous goddess this season’s lawn collection is an embodiment of dreamy silhouettes, classic charm, and unparalleled grace. Steeped in tradition yet perfect for the modern woman, this collection pays homage to ethnic sensibilities and unique craftsmanship. An ode to the ethereal charm of hand-woven fabrics with intricate embroideries and dainty botanical patterns. The color palette moves from vibrant cherry reds and fresh blues to a gorgeous symphony of violets and pinks displaying an ideal blend of sophistication and sheer elegance. The collection features luxe fabrics elevated with exquisite floral motifs, delicate lace, and organza borders. The ensembles, paired with meticulously printed silk dupattas enhanced with embroidered corners details are perfect for a lively afternoon affair or an evening gala.

Shot against the mystic and picturesque landscapes in Turkey, Selene is a toast to la féminité.

Embrace your inner glow and own your femininity, for you truly are a Selene.

Republic Womenswear

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