Awwal Boutique gets featured in the Prestigious "The Tribune"



           Awwal Boutique gets featured in the Prestigious -"The Tribune"

            Interview with Awwal Boutique's Founder - Ayshaa Saeed Mir

An Insight into the Journey of this Young entrepreneur- Building a Brand - Awwal Boutique- which completes 11 Years and How she made it a Household name with her sheer Hard Work and Honesty.

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Excerpts from the Interview Below-

Awwal Boutique is a Brand in itself which over the Years have become a Popular Household Name. India's First Website of Original Imported Shalwar Kameez Fabrics- Catered Directly from Brands Wearhouse - With the Ziltch involvement of A Middle Man.

 This Ecommerce Platforms guarantees 100% Authentic imported Stuff.

 Awwal Boutique is most Seasoned and Authentic Platform when it comes to Shopping of Original Products. Counted amongst India's Top Apparel Websites The Founder -Ayshaa Saeed Mir* has much to Say about It . We got in a One On One Conversation with her Over a  Steaming Cup Of Coffee and The Delightful Tet-a-Te took us on the Journey of this Young Entrepreneur and Her Dream to Make Ethnic Fashionable.. Well She is Living it Now !

Q.Ayshaa let's start from the beginning. How did it all Started?

A. Well if You ask me Did You Plan it?.. Definitely Not (laughs) although I always felt being rooted in Traditional Wear We had a Vacuum When it came to affordable branded Shalwar Kameez Fabrics. It ws an Einstein Moment*- explains- like an apple dropped and  Einstein discovered Gravity.. (smiles).. so one fine day I came across a Popular Brands Platform and seeing the innovative Designs and super fine Fabric Quality i decided there and than I have to Cater it for the Fashionistas Back home.

Q.Now We know You are doing Very Well, But share with Our Readers the Initial Days of Your Business.

A. I started this venture in always leaves a smile on my first Sale..My 1st seemed like a mammoth start from Scratch..but I went with the be Frank Online Shopping Was not that Big a Thing in those Years. People were not very comfortable shopping Online-or doing bank Translations-They had their apprehensions about these Brands/Online Shopping.. Why this? They Used to ask Me. But as they Say- Quality Speaks for in Initial Days it was Word of Mouth which Helped Us a Lot to spread our Reach. and  Till This Date it's Word of Mouth which Brings Customers to Us.

Q. So You made way for Many Others In this Business doing a Start Up E-commerce !

 In a way Yes -There are many People who Copy are Pattern- But we are "The Originals". 

Flips her hair and there that Hearty Laugh again..

Jokes apart We have earned Our Space with Sheer Hard Work and Honesty. With Time Every Space Evolves and so did E- Commerce. Which is Good. Life has become Easy isn't it - Ghar baithe Shopping! It's very important in Today's Fast Life.

 Q. What's Special about These Brands ?

 A. Fabric - The Lawn Fabric is Butter - A special Yarn which comes in different qualities. The formals are just too chic. Even the Causal and Daily Wears are Trend setters. Woman of All Age can Enjoy selecting from 100s of Live Collections and the Best Part is There are continuous Launches, the Freshness Remains.

 Though it's important New Buyers should go through the Blogs and Information we have provided regarding different Brands and Collections to get accustomed to the Product, it's not just Your Humble Next Door Shalwar Kameez You Know!

 Q. Very Interesting Ayshaa Even I would Love to Go Through Your Blogs to have an Insight. So Tell Us  As a Woman What do You have to say to Your Peers who wants to establish themselves as Business Woman.

 A. I have Few Rules which I follow not only in My Business but in My Life as well.

 Foremost Always be Confident and Trust Your Gut Feeling.

 You are Your Biggest Competition- You have To see Your Growth With Each Year- if Your Graph Is Flat--ita not going upwards..Your Performance is Same - than You Need to Introspect- Business Needs Innovation-for long Term Sustainnce. Be Consistent in what You Do.

 Team Work - Yes ! You Need Growth - You have to have a Dream Team.

 Customer Satisfaction - Every Business success depends on its Satisfied Customers.

 Be Patient - Nothing can Be achieved Over Night.

 Set Your Target Audience-Be Careful in What You Invest In. 

 And I belive Let Good Energy Flow- Honesty and Hard Work Always Brings You Good Tidings.

 We had a Chance to View some of the Finest Fabrics- Top Brands and Stylish Patterns from Awwal Boutique's Wearhouse. I must Put it Awwal Boutique takes lot of Efforts in choosing their Brands and Collections,as Ayshaa explained to Me How a Brand makes it to their Platform.

 A. Out Of many Factors which influences our Brand Selection main are -

We keep Customer Review/Feadback in Mind - We choose according to Trends.  We compare various Launches in Same Range and Cater to the Ones which are best. Customers trust Our Choice and They Know if a Collection is available on Awwal Boutique - it has to Be Good.

 As she busy's Herself with Day's Tidings - We Leave her With Best Wishes. Awwal Boutique- An Ecommerce Platforms can be Accessed through their Website Shopping as well as Shopping Apps which are available to download from both Android and IOS.


We Thank Our Buyers for being a Part of Awwal Family.It was not possible without You.