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Its Constant Endeavour of Awwal Boutique to Bring and Promote only Top Brands and Designers in its Platforms!

All Brands and Designers are Hand Picked by Our Team only After seeing the Popularity of The Collection and Brand.

In this Current Blog our Main Endeavour is to educate our Customers with Different Summer Fabrics launched by Different Brands.

Know Your Fabrics before You Choose them.

1. LAWN -
Lawn is made from fine High Thread Cotton Yarns which result in a Silky Untextured Feel. The Fabric is made using Either Combed or Carded Yarns!
Lawn is the finest form of Cotton and is subject to Shrink. Its light on Skin and is very comfortable in Summer Heat. Breathable and LightWeight.Its Non Cluffed unlike its Indian Counter Part of Cotton!

Karandi Lawn Fabric is much more durable than are humble Lawn. The texture is lil Rough and thicker (e.g like Khaadi material is thicker in texture but cool). The Karandi Material dosen't Shrink,its soring summer friendly Sweat Resistant and breathable.


3. SWISS VOILE - Swiss Voile is undoubtedly Worlds most Comfortable and Luxuriously Soft Fabric. Voile is a Soft Sheer Fabric usually made of 100% Cotton. You may require lining for Swiss Voile Shirts (completely Optional). Its Breathable and Light Weight.

4. COTTON SILK - As the name suggests Cotton Silk is a combination of Cotton and Silk! Hence tuning the Positivity of Both Fabrics into One.The Hybrid Fabric is accepted Wildly around the World. Its definitely a Cheaoer Version of Silk but more popular fabric than Pure Silk Itself. This fabric is durable,looks rich,creates amazing designs in almost every colour. This Hybrid Fabric can be worn in all Weathers as its the combination of best two fabrics.

Its thicker than Lawn and Swiss Voile in texture and not as breathable coz of the Silk involved.


5. Jacquard -
Jacquard Fabric Features Patterns that are Woven (instead of being printed)onto the Fabric.This fabric is textured has varying drape-ability,and durability depending on the Fibres Used. You will find more than one colour thread in Jacquard Cloth.Its Stretchy Yet Strong. Rich Fabric gives luxurious look to every Designers Piece.
The texture is heavier than Cotton Lawn yet light to be worn in all weathers including Spring Summer!


6. Chiffon Fabric -
Chiffon is a Light Weight Fabric with Sheer Appearance and Magical Lusture. This Versatile Flowy Fabric is often used in Flowy evening Gowns ..Chiffon Sarees and Chiffon Shalwar Kameez. Its a Rich Fabric for Formal Wears. Chiffon Fabric is also used for Dupattas in Shalwar Suits because of its flowy light Weight Texture

There are Two Types of Chiffon--

*Pure Chiffon- As the Name suggests is made of Purest Yarn

*Crinkled Chiffon - Pure Form of Chiffon with a crinkled Texture

*Bamberg Chiffon - Bamberg Chiffon is less costly than Pure Chiffon and is Durable. Its light weight and flowy too like Chiffon but a substitute for Pure Fabric. Its mostly used in Economy Range Suits for Dupattas. Customers love it for giving them same feel as chiffon in economy Range.its Non slippery and Not Synthetic.

As per Launches this Season We will keep adding More Fabric Details!

Always there For Our Dear Customers!

Team Awwal!