Commonly Asked Questions

Since 12 Years Awwal Boutique has been Your Trusted Source of Genuine Products. We take Pride in being one of the Oldest & Most Experienced Players of the Market.

It's Constant Endeavor of Team Awwal to Have Customer Friendly Approach. We will take Up some Commonly Asked Questions in the Following BLOG by Customers Who are New to Our Platform/New To Pakistani Suits.

  1. Do Awwal Boutique Deal in Originals? - Yes.
  2. Do Awwal Boutique deal in Replicas? - No.
  3. Can Awwal Boutique Provide Replicas on Order? - No.
  4. Are The Products Imported? - Yes. Direct From Brands.
  5. Is Awwal Boutique a Walk in Shop? - No. Awwal Boutique is A Website Since 2011. 
  6. Can We Visit Your Store?- No. Awwal Boutique is a Website like it's counterparts Amazon/Flipkart and is an Online E Store.
  7. Is Awwal Boutique Manufacturer of Shalwar Kameez? - No. We fullfill Customers Demand by being the Bridge Between Brand & Customers.We are Not Manufacturing Unit. We are Sellers of Imported Brands. 
  8. Does Pakistani Suits have Patches? - Yes Original Pakistani Suits comes with Variety of Embroidered Patches/Accessories/Product Parts. Today We see Various Sellers Using Name of Pakistani Suits to bring credibility to their Products when the make of their Product is Compeletly Different than a genuine Pakistani Shalwar Kameez.
  9. How Do You Choose Your Brands? - Team Awwal picks Up only Choicest Collections after Seeing It's Popularity and Demand In Market. Collections are added & Dropped based on Customer Reviews & Customer Preference. 
  10. What is Pre- Booking? - Book/Purchase Your Favorite Products Before they are launched & Distributed in Market as Soon the Brand Launches it's Catalogue. This practice Assures Customers get 100% Original Products even if Supply & Demand Ratio Varies.
  11. How many days does it takes a Pre Booking Product to Arrive? - Approximate date of Arrival is provided- ranging between 10-25 Days which may vary due to various factors/unforseen circumstances.
  12. Does Awwal Boutique has its own logistics? - No Awwal Boutique Hires services of Top/Trusted Courier Services.
  13. Is Awwal Boutique Reseller? No. Awwal Boutique are Stockist/Dealers who deal in their own 100% Varified Stock Only. No Product is arranged or Picked from unverified sources.
  14. Is Online Payment Safe on Awwal Boutique Platforms? - Yes 100% Safety Gauranteed as our Payment Gateways are 100% Secure trusted by Customers World Wide.
  15. Why do Brands Do Photoshoot with Extra Accessories if they Don't Provide? Yes All Brands Often do Photo Shoots with Extra Tassels/Hangings/Laces in different styles etc to show Customers how they can Stitch their unstiched outfits in similar Fashion for Trendy look. We have taken up this Queiri in our blog - New to Pakistani Suits in Detail. Also addressed on All Product Pages.
  16. Does Awwal Boutique Takes Stitching? Yes We take Stitching. You can email us For Stitching Enquiries along with Your Order No. Team will send T&C and other Information.

P.s- The Q&A adhere to Awwal Boutique & it's Functionality alone and Team does not take Onus of any other Party/Person/affiliation in same Field.

Want to know more About Us? Read the information provided In various blogs and Write Ups on our Website.

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