Types of bottoms that could be your wardrobe staple will buying Pakistani Suits.

We all are acquainted with how significant traditional wear is for ladies; you merely cannot picture life devoid of them. Envisioning attires devoid of bottoms is completely a silly initiative and pointless to articulate that correct bottoms change the whole appear of the clothing. Let’s gaze at dissimilar types of bottoms:

Cigarette pants:

Cigarette pants are pretty lustrous and classy bottoms. These pants may seem to be trouble-free however have the exceedingly elegant individuality or sense to it. If you are fed up, you must try Pakistani Suits, kurtis or else Anarkali to build your attire attractive with these additional normal kind of bottoms.

Petal Pants:

The outline of these pants is stirred by the blossom ‘Tulip’. It hardly has folds, it’s only the tulip pattern at the bottom. Endeavour these kinds of bottom pants with your kurtis to build it further pleasurable and chic.


Do we truly require to talk about this? We believe that everybody has as a minimum one in their closet. Palazzo kind of bottom pants are moderately a frenzy. It immediately lights up the attire and builds it additional elegant. Along with the additional hand-out is its soothe and covers your trouble area. They are obtainable in a countless of types to decide from. You can match up it with elongated or petite kurtis or Anarkali.

Straight salwars:

It’s a mix up of Palazzo plus cigarette pants. These kind of bottoms pants are somewhat thin compared to the palazzo and wider than the cigarette pants in addition have the standardized breadth beginning from peak to base.


Shararas are dilapidated by Muslim society and is flattering middle-of-the-road slowly. Research your kurtis along with Anarkali with these windy, trouble-free and elegant bottom types!