Types of best dupattas for salwar suits

You can furnish a modish twirl to the old salwar suits by reaching clutch of an attractive array of dupattas. Obtainable in innumerable motifs and colours, dupattas can right away glamour up your desi gaze. That is why your closet requires to have as a minimum four to five dissimilar types of dupattas hoarded up, if not further.

Here are dissimilar types of dupattas which you are definite to fall for with:


Phulkari is a conventional dupatta, which dwell of elaborate needlework in diverse designs, mainly geometric. The needlework is classically done via floss silk yarns on natural fibre cotton material, even if now it's too done on chanderi, silk and former materials.

Gota patti:

A wonderful technique to smart up your appear for a wedding ocassion or jovial parties is honourable gota patti dupattas. Gota patti is a kind of sewing, which utilizes embroidery method to construct convoluted motifs with gold or else silver band plus lace.


Madhubani is a kind of fine art which is made using ordinary dyes and fundamentals such as brushwood, nib-pens, tinderbox, etc. and comprises of attention-grabbing patterns.

Pom Pom:

Pom Pom's are in high trend these days. Multi-coloured pom poms could put in a rupture of dye to your assortment of salwar suits. It's just right for mehendi, baby shower etc.


Net dupatta with fine-looking superfluities can put in immediate glamour to your gaze. You require to encompass one hoarded for extraordinary occasions.


Put in a number of unusual boundary to your appear with the assist of kalamkari dupattas. Kalamkari factually applies to full authority sketch with pen. By tradition, it caught up a lot of monotonous ladder of dyeing, bleaching, hand over painting, chunk printing, stiffening and others to formulate the material.

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