Why We Dont Deal in Replicas. Replicas vs Originals - Part 1

Who wants to live a life full of Compromises?Who wants to have a Wardrobe of Compromised Material? A Replica will remain a Duplicate NO matter How good the Claims. In today's Time Market is striving with Duplicates of Original Branded Stuff. Their Marketing Strategy being they make the expensive piece affordable and pocket friendly with same Look. In short providing you with Duplicate stuff. Customers are lured by these Claims. Failing to understand the Seller has made his Bucks by selling you a mediocre to low quality. It may have its sheen in new. But one wash and your fabric will bleed to death. It will look old and haggered.

We at Awwal Boutique holds Quality in Top Regard that's why we not only Do,Only Top Collections and Brands but We have strict policy Against Replicas. since the advent of our store We have a spotless Image of Original and Authentic Brands only.

We meet Customer Demands by giving them best quality Products.You may feel good you have had a Bargain Deal by buying similar looking Product in less but as a wise man has quoted - Once Bitten Twice Shy! Invest in best and long lasting Fabrics. 

Original fabrics Pass quality Tests of Top Brands. The best of Yarns are used by the Brands as the Brand Value is at stake. On the other hand Duplicate and Replica Maker and Seller have nothing to Loose. whom would you Trust more ?

We will give more Insights in various Parts on same Topic in our upcoming Blogs.

Stay Tuned.